Managing and Monitoring Student Growth – Teaching Reasoning through Writing

INSTRUCTIONAL CONTEXT For this study, I selected two (2) students out of a possible 93 across four class sections.  The students are both age 13 and in 7th grade Civics and Economics at a middle school in Virginia.  Student A, Alexis, is a female student selected from my 6th period class, while Student B, Hunter, […]

Action Research Project – Using JING to Create and Implement an Online Writing Tutorial

Description of Context I conducted this study within my student-teaching placement in Salem, Va.  Every classroom at the school is equipped with an LCD projector and wireless internet access.  In addition, teachers may check out “Computers on Wheels” or COW carts, which house complete classroom sets of laptops.  Teachers also have the ability to request […]


I am a graduate student in Curriculum and Instruction at a major public university.  This blog:  1.  serves as my reflection space regarding my early field and student teaching experiences; and 2.  tracks my progress towards the other side of the desk.